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Pastor Shirley Caesar's "Beans, Greens, Potatoes" Song Went Viral

The internet is back at it again spreading joy and laughs with its latest #unameitchallenge.

Social media outlets, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are always a haven for people to come up with just about anything. Seemingly, every week there is some type of challenge, copy and paste status, or “fill in the blank” status for people to share. The oversaturation of challenges have diluted the interest of them significantly, and usually causes many to scroll right past it.

However, there is one challenge which looks to be going viral very quickly, and the videos that come with them are both hilarious and creative.

Aptly-timed for the Thanksgiving season, the #UNameItChallenge has been flooding social media sites, leaving spectators wanting more. The concept of the challenge is to create an artistic variation of an excerpt from Gospel Star Pastor Shirley Caesar’s live version of her song “Hold My Mule”, with a touch of another one of her songs entitled “Don’t Throw Your Mama Away.”

Somehow, a video of a concert she did was a perfect set-up for the current social media craze.

The #unameitchallenge includes a remixed version of Shirley Caesar’s “Hold My Mule,” specifically the “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes…” list of food along with Shirley’s “You name it!’ shout from the song/sermon.

And, of course, it is perfect.

It all began with carefully edited videos and memes courtesy of Daquan Geese and iComplexity using Suede The Remix God’s remix, before spiraling into the challenge it is now. Soon, users began sharing their own memes and Chris Brown has even challenged fans to show their best moves.

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